8Bit Ninjas

8Bit Ninjas

A Game by Ethan Redd

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About the Game!


What is 8Bit Ninjas?

8Bit Ninjas is a 2.5D neo-retro arcade game designed for the Ouya, PC, Mac, and Linux.

8Bit Ninjas captures the essence of what made arcade games so much fun: from simple but deep mechanics, to airtight platforming controls, to fierce 4 player free-for-all/cooperative multiplayer, 8Bit Ninjas is a throwback to days long past.

Beyond simple nostalgia,though, 8BN's unique genre-bending mechanics, quirky story, and beautiful vistas will have you coming back for more for time to come!


Seems interesting enough. How do you play?

The core premise behind 8Bit Ninjas is simple: at the bottom of every level is a body of water; your main goal is to knock the other contestants into this water without falling in yourself
To accomplish this, your character is equipped with shuriken (ninja stars), which he can throw to destroy the level around him. To complicate matters further, you can't just beat opponents into submission; you'll have to use your wits!

As each game progresses, traversing the level becomes more and more challenging, resulting in new game experiences every time the game is played!

How cool is that?!



  • Fullly destructible levels
  • Physics powered by nVidia Physx!
  • Story Mode with themed worlds and a funny story
  • Arcade Mode: 3 Lives, no save, no continues. Hardcore Players Only!
  • Drop-in/out Local Co-Op up to 4 players
  • Strategy meets platformer meets puzzle gameplay. How can you NOT like that?
  • Unique visual aesthetic: pixel art meets Lofi 3D!
  • Oringinal soundtrack composed just for the game
  • 90's references out da whazoo
Development Progress

Alriiight, that sounds fun! LET ME PLAY!!

(How close are you to finishing the game?)

Well, you can't play the game just yet, as the game is just now in what we nerds call the "alpha" state. This is when the game's core (movement, basic AI, scoring,etc), are finished for the most part, but final finishing touches need to be made.

Currently, the game is slated to launch with the OUYA (on all announced platforms). w00t!

That's me :)

So who are YOU, exactly?

Well, thanks for asking!

My name is Ethan Redd, and I'm an independent game designer/developer currently operating out of Buffalo, NY (you may have tried our wings). As a small child, a became fascinated with video games and the their potential. My design philosophy has been greatly influenced by 90's home and arcade games, such as: Sonic 3 & Knuckles (my all-time favorite game :D ); the Metal Slug series; Megaman 2 (yes, that's the 80s); Super Mario World.

When I'm not making video games, I enjoy skateboarding and playing guitar. You can find me on Twitter as @EthanRedd.


Anything else you'd like to add?

This year, I deferred my enrollment into NYU's Computer Engineering joint-degree program to solely focus on this game. Making this game the best possible experience for you, the player, is my highest priority in life right now. I want this to be an experience you'll remember, and look back on with a smile; something I be pround of.

Thanks for your time; pass the link around! ...and if you want, Sign Up for Updates!

Copyright Ethan Redd, 2012. All rights reserved. Inquiries may be directed to service@gotenrg.com

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